1. A Garden Of Gratitude.

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    Happy Mother’s Day



    It is hard to put into words all the gratitude one might feel for their mother. Motherhood is a calling and a vocation beyond all others. Filled with many tasks, loving moments and relentless responsibilities. A mothers faithfulness to her children knows no bonds or age. I have often heard it said, “Once a mother always a mother.” That is certainly true for my mom who is now 91. Mom is barely 5 ft tall and weighs just over 100 pounds but she is still a force to be reckoned with. Her strong character and love runs deep for her children. She has shown me that some of the best survival tools for old age are laughter and quality time with family and friends. This mothers day I find myself deeply grateful for my mom, her wisdom, her laughter and her maternal care even at 91. Thank you mom!

    Blessing to all mothers, young and old, living or passed this Mothers Day you are a gift beyond all worth.


    New Paintings in my Flower Series.

    A Garden Of Gratitude

    6 x 6

    Heart To Heart

    6 x 6



    Micro Mystery 

    The paintings below are the clues to the last Micro Mystery.


    Fishing in the Spring

    Vincent Van Gogh



    Claude Monet

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  2. Song at Sunset – Bird Paintings

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    Have you noticed the change in the amount of daylight?


    The days are getting longer and brighter for which I am most grateful. Being a morning person I love to see the light begin to appear around 6 AM. By the time June 21 rolls around it will be light at 5 AM in the morning.  As the sun rises earlier and sets later each day I feel more energized and productive than I do in the winter months.  Below are three paintings I completed this week. 

    Song At Sunset

    6 x 18 Inches

    As the day recedes the birds of the air perch to bask in the early evening sunset. Day is done and all is well among the flock as the dark night approaches. Quiet songs of gratefulness and calm fill the air as each feather is stilled and eyes begin to close and dreams of a bright tomorrow fill the heart. This painting is now available by clicking here.


    Chitter Chatter

    5 x 15 Inches

    Now available here



    Spring Fever

    8 x 10 Inches

    Available here.

    Spring Fever is purely an abstract painting. I was going to put birds on this one as well but I love the color so much I decided to leave it as is. The soft gentle hues of green and blue remind me of the spring greens that first appear on the trees and plants with the bright blue sky behind them.

    I hope that your spring days bring you a sense of renewed energy in your work. Enjoy the light and look for the fresh colors that appear in your neighborhoods 


    Just for Fun

    Micro Mystery

    It has been awhile since I posted a Micro Mystery. This weeks mystery paintings have no micro clue just the paintings themselves. Each painting was painted by a different impressionistic painter. Can you name the painter of at least one of the paintings? Or even better both painters?  Each of these paintings are wonderful examples of the colors we see in spring. If you know one or both of the painters send me an email or leave a comment below. Good luck.




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  3. Yellow Tulips and Bright Sunflowers

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    I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers. ~Claude Monet


    Vase of Tulips

    Claude Monet




    2017 tulips just beginning to shoot through the garden soil as they strain upwards towards the sun.


    Like Monet I love to paint flowers. My eye is easily attracted to the flowers that display the most brilliant of colors.  The deep reds, purples, yellows, oranges and pinks are especially alluring to my eyes when the sun shines on their delicate petals. Indeed it is a challenge to capture both the radiance and depth of color as the sun illuminates the soft and delicate forms of the petals. I have completed 2 more paintings in my flower series, Tuesday Tulips and Summer Sunflowers.


    Springtime flowers bloom like colorful arrows piercing their way to the sun. ~Terri Guillemets


    Tuesday Tulips, below, are my first attempt to capture the 2017 tulips that are beginning to appear in my yard and in my mind. These bright yellow tulips seem to dance against the soft spring sky. 

    Tuesday Tulips

    6 w x 12 h x 1.5 inches d

    Now available for purchase here.



    It will be awhile before the sunflowers in my garden begin to appear however I just had to paint some. I started this painting 2 weeks ago when our Helena sky line was gray with heavy rain clouds. I was wishing for some sunshine and this was the best I could conjure up. For sure creating these sturdy summer blooms made my spirit a bit brighter on a cold spring day.

    Summer Sunflowers

    10 w x 20 h x 1.5 inches d

    Now available for purchase here.



    There are many things in life that will catch your eye,
    but only a few that will catch your heart. Pursue them.
    Author Unknown


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  4. Spring Crocus and Forget-Me-Nots

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    What is blooming in your neighborhood


    daylily, spring green


    Spring is here and she is bringing lots of fresh colors to my garden and neighborhood. Some of spring’s first flowers are small and often over looked. I hope you can go for a walk, wherever you live and discover some of nature’s first offerings for spring 2017. Below are a few photos of the flowers blooming near me. I love the lime greens that bring a sense of freshness and the intense blues of crocus and the bright yellows of the daffodils


    daffodils,spring green




    crocus, spring green, flower

    Garden Crocus



    acrylic on canvas

    11 x 14


    Forget-Me-Nots is my latest painting in the spring flower series. This brightly colored and whimsical bouquet of deep blue and purple Forget-Me-Nots will brighten any room in your home or in your office. The painting has both depth and line which help to create both movement and a variety of  lights and darks. It is now available for purchase under available paintings. You can see more details by clicking Here


    red poppies,painting, 9 x 12 inches, spring.

    Spring Poppies

    9 x 12 x 1.5

    Acrylic on canvas.

    Now Available 

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  5. Longing For Fresh Color and Flowers

    March 30, 2017 | Author: Maureen White | Category: Uncategorized | Comments (0)

    What is it that you long for in your life?


    red poppies,painting,</p> <p 9 x 12 inches, spring.

    Spring Poppies 

    9×12 inches

    Acrylic on Canvas

    Now there is a big question and one with many possible answers.

    I have found myself longing for so much these past few weeks. Beauty, truth, imagination, light, and a renewal of artistic skills and creativity. I think the gray skies we have had in March have put me in this very deep reflective and longing mood. I can’t wait for spring to show its glory in the brilliantly colored flowers that fill the garden outside my studio window. Not to mention the longing I have for creating new and vibrant paintings and exploring new avenues of creativity and growth as a painter. I know that soon I will hit the open roads of Montana to soak myself in this never ending landscape. The mountains, the blue sky, the fresh green on the brown trees and the crystal clear water of the streams are indeed natures handiwork that expand my creativity and sense of wonder. 

    Spring Poppies above is the first in my new series of paintings called, Longings. It is now available  under paintings.



    Thank you to everyone who purchased some of this years Easter eggs. There are a few eggs left. If you did not get a chance to order any there is still time this week. I also have 2 chicks and a few bunnies who left as well. You can see the details under Chicks and Bunnies

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  6. Colorful March Madness

    March 24, 2017 | Author: Maureen White | Category: Uncategorized | Comments (0)

    Has your month been filled with some March Madness?



    Of course many of you will answer yes because you have  been watching the NCAA Basketball Tournament. This last week was beyond madness when I had to stop making art due to the stomach flu. A good bout of the stomach flu can create madness in anyone. I’m not one who enjoys being idle but the flu has a way of forcing you to be still. There was not a lot of art work accomplished. However I was able to look on and off at my computer and I found some fun color games to distract me from the agony of the flu. Color Method is an online game to test your ability to match colors. The other site is, Are you a color master?  So take a few moments to test your color knowledge by playing these simple games. They are both quick and fun.




    There are still Easter Eggs of each design if you are still planning on ordering a few before Easter. You can purchase them by clicking Easter Eggs


     The Bunnies and chicks are looking for some new homes.  If one or two belong to you you they can be purchased by clicking Chicks and Bunnies


    As always thanks for reading and I hope spring is bringing both sunshine and color to your life.

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  7. Easter Eggs 2017

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          Do you know which decorated Easter egg sold for the most money in all of history?


    It is this Imperial Easter Egg designed by Carl Fabergé for the Russian Emperor Alexander III. Alexander gave it to Empress Maria Feodorovna on Easter in 1887. During the Bolshevik revolution the egg was lost. The egg was recently found in the midwest here in the States in 2014. A metal dealer bought it at an antique show for 14,000.00 and hoped to resell it for 15,000.00. Unfortunately he could not find a buyer so he just decided to google the word egg and soon found out that his egg was indeed one of the 50 Fabergé eggs made for Alexander III. The man soon connected with a antique dealer in London who bought it from him for $33 Million dollars. Now I would say that is very good nest egg money.

    Well for sure my 2017 Easter Eggs are not quite that expensive and in fact I think you will find them quit reasonable. I have 7 new designs for 2017 and have added 3 popular designs from past years giving you lots of choice. Although my eggs are not jeweled they are made with love, patience and care. I hope you will find a few that delight your soul and will add color to your spring and Easter celebrations. These also make delightful gifts for friends and relatives especially if you are invited out for Easter dinner and want to give your host a thank you gift.


    Seven New designs




    To purchase the eggs you can click on the photos or by clicking Here


    The eggs below have special Christian symbols and the descriptions are below the photo


    Is Greek which in English translates, Jesus Christ, Son of God, The Savior.

    Early Christians used the fish symbol on their homes to identify themselves as followers of Jesus.

    Alpha  the Omega are the first and last letters in the Greek alphabet and refer to the beginning and the end. 

    In the the book of Revelation, Jesus is named The Alpha and The Omega.



    The Christian symbol for faith is a cross. An anchor is often used to depict hope and a heart symbolizes love.

    I could not resist making an Easter bunny and  Easter Chick. These are made of paper clay and painted in acrylics and sealed with a durable gloss varnish. Because each one is hand sculpted no two are exactly a like but they are very similar. You can purchase them by Clicking Here.

    I want to wish all my readers a beautiful spring and warm spring filled with hope and promise. This winter has seemed particularly long here in Helena. 


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  8. My Feathered Friend

    March 2, 2017 | Author: Maureen White | Category: Blog | Comments (0)

    There is a time for every season under heaven. 

    Bleecker January 6,1991 – February 18, 2017

     Bleecker my companion, friend, art lover and beautiful cocketiel bird died at age 26. He was old for his breed however some have made it to 30. I will and do miss his presence in my life but especially when I am in my art studio. Whenever I showed him one of my paintings he always broke out in song. He was also a big fan of Mozart and jazz. He was purchased in NYC on Bleecker street at The Bird Jungle to be a classroom pet. Over the years he graduated from elementary school and came home to roost with me. Together we built some fun traditions into our daily routines, quiet reading, eating popcorn, dancing in the art studio, he danced I painted. His life include over hundreds of Mustard Seed students, teachers, friends, family and visitors from around the country. Pets are wonderful companions for our journey here on earth. My life has been richly blessed because of his presence and the mutual friendships we have shared. 

    Here is a fun video of Bleecker singing. You may not be able to access the video in your newsletter email so view it in your browser.



    Below are two of my latest commissions, The Moon and Feast of Wisdom.



    16 x 36 inches.

    Acrylic on wood cradle panel.

    Moon was commissioned by Kimberley Perry for her son Mathias’s 2nd birthday. He is in love with the moon and this painting will hang in his nursery.



    Wisdom’s Feast

    12 x 16 inches

    This was commissioned for Sophiana’s 2nd birthday by her great grandmother Anne Hughes Hinnen

    and her grandmother Melissa Hinnen.


     In November my site was down and all the items for purchase and images disappeared. Now I am finally begun to realist my available works for purchase. If your looking for some artwork or want to commission a special piece please check Available Works Here or feel free to contact me.

    Easter Eggs and more are coming soon.




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  9. Discipline is Energy

    February 15, 2017 | Author: Maureen White | Category: Uncategorized | Comments (0)


    Is discipline apart of your daily routine?


    Green Energy

    9 x 12 Inches

    Acrylic on Canvas

     To purchase click Here

    I love my daily routine as it helps me maintain my discipline as an artist and entrepreneur. Running a small business with an employee of one means I need lots of energy to do the many tasks needed to run a business.  Like any artist I will tell you that making art is more fulfilling than the business side. The discipline of making art has taught me how to buckle down to the more laborious tasks of, maintaining a web page, emailing and calling clients, applying to art shows, teaching art lessons, working with galleries, shipping, and engaging in social media. When my list of to do’s seems overwhelming I just focus on one task at a time and before I know it I am on to the second, third or fourth task. I have learned to put one foot in front of the other rather than thinking about how much I have to do.  This has helped me to conserve my energy for producing art rather than wasting it on worry and stress. My daily discipline is essential for my art business.

    Ebb And Flow

    18 x36 Inches

    Acrylic on wood Panel

    To purchase click Here


    Below is a recent confirmation cross I created for a young man named Patrick. 

    This was a fun piece to make. St. Patrick is certainly a colorful saint and not only was he a shepherd of sheep he was a great friend and pastor to the people of Ireland.

    I have been privileged to make 10 of these for various children through out the country. If you know someone who you think would appreciate such a gift for baptism, confirmation, ordination or  for any special event feel free to contact me.


    Micro Mystery #17 Revealed.




    The Lovers 

    Pablo Picasso

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  10. How Do You Respond To Prettiness ? Micro Mystery #17

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    Has winter brought you some prettiness?

    “Snow was falling,
    so much like stars
    filling the dark trees
    that one could easily imagine
    its reason for being was nothing more
    than prettiness.”

    Mary Oliver

    Well all that prettiness has landed on my patio and covered my chair

    Prettiness has covered my art table for painting abstracts.

    Not to be undone by Mother Nature’s prettiness I set up shop in the living room in order to create prettiness.

    Below are a few of my new aintings created this past week while the snow cam rushing down out of the sky to fill the earth with prettiness and subzero temperatures. 


    You Are My Sunshine

    6 x 6 inches acrylic on canvas

    For purchasing click Here

    Purple Majesty 

    6 x 6 inches acrylic on canvas

    For purchasing click Here


    Purple Ice

    10 x 20 inches

    For purchasing click Here


    Micro Mystery Clue #17 

    This Artist worked in many art mediums, painting, sculpture and print making. He is well known for his use of line and his figures tended to be large, these are both clues to his identity. I chose this painting in remembrance of Valentines day. Good luck!

    Below you will see a small portion of a piece of art work which is a clue to a larger masterpiece. If you know the work or the artist or both you can email me your answers by clicking here with the title and the name of the artist. Then if you know something interesting about the artist or the work you can enter it as a clue in the comment section below which can help others find out who the artist is and what the title of the work is. The name of the artist and the title of the work should not be included in the clue. This will help keep everyone in the game until I reveal the correct answers on Friday.  Good Luck to all who participate.


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